EpiLAVAGE is a fully disposable battery powered pulse lavage system for effective irrigation and wound debridement of necrotic tissue. The adequate pressure guarantees the growth of granulation tissue.

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Product Description

  • Adjustable spray speed: High or Low Pressure: <15 PSI
  • Pulse rate: 1500~1700 cycle/min
  • High speed flow rate:1100~1400ml/min (30mm cone tip) High speed flow rate: 1000~1300mil/min (coaxial tip) Low speed flow rate 700ml/min
  • Tube Length 3 meters
  • DC 10.5V / AA x 7 cells Alkaline Battery
  • Easy to remove built in battery pack
  • Easy attached and release tip accessory
  • Sterile packaging
  • easy identifying of tissue types (granulation, epithelialization, necrotic)
  • Detecting the active bleeding foreign body.


  • Emergency Department wound cleaning
  • Outpatient Clinic wound examination
  • Surgical intraoperative wound debridement Hospital Wards wound care.
  • Should not be performed over exposed nerves.
  • Should not be performed in the presence of active, profuse bleeding (precautionary measures for patients on anticoagulation medication)
  • Improper technique may harm wound bed.
  • Patients with sensory impairment are unable to provide accurate feedback needed to guide the clinician if improper technique is used.

With the adequate steady pressurized, pulsed solution it can achieve a mechanical debridement for wounds, removing dirt, infectious microorganisms, wound exudates, necrotic tissue and debris. Thereby assisting visual examination and optimizing wound healing by stimulating granulation tissue formation.

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